all i see

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all i see

Traveling along this path of bones,
I am reminded of all I could have been
by those who worship a cult of fame,
TV shows, and the latest trend.

Give me not your storied tales
or fleeting glimpse of secret wants,
for I swim much deeper than that;
seeking that which has no end.

I am bound by that which moves me
from within; a burning need for wisdom;
the kind that comes from down inside;
that place few dare to go … or live.

Would you seek eternal life
if it meant giving up your precious dream
of fame, fortune, and your neighbor’s envy?
or would you die alone;

the pet of those things you claim to despise.
Where do you live in this glorious tale?
Is this the place where you are king
of all you are and strive to be?

Or do you grovel under the boot
of synchronicity?

I think you dream of all I see
when I love and when I cry.