flowers and forgiveness

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flowers and forgiveness

For so long I struggled on roads of despair
constructed on the backs of manufactured woes;
my soul following along with a cry in the night.
This is not my place! I do not belong here!

Dragged along, hungry for the life and the love
that comes from the journey inside one’s true heart,
I begged for the light of flowers and forgiveness;
sleeping for the day that I would be free.

Who has sown this garden of weeds,
choking out love and poisoning life’s fruit? 
Is this all I have residing within?
Or is this just hate spawned from indifference?

The black had imprisoned me in its cruel embrace, saying
this is your fate and you have been chosen
by your own inaction; by your own denial
of that which lies inside your true self.

I have tasted the bitter and I’ve lived in the black
for so long, my hands are as dark as my soul.
Yet light has found a way to bring me back again
from that which had once threatened to bury me.

Now I live in a place of light. Now I feel the love
of all that surrounds me and all that comes from inside.
This is the light; this is the love
of flowers and forgiveness.